So ending week 2 of fitness trials I feel GREAT! I’m starting to lose the pesky ‘bat wings’, (pesky under arm fat).  I’ve lost 2 inches around my middle and as of recently gained a few pounds which is normal before you start loosing.

The Couch to 5k has been great like before even with adding more time to the jog I can totally feel myself working harder with each passing day. I love the break with the jogging and walking. I really plan to stick with this and see if I can jog 5k when this is all said and done.

The Pinterest trial I find easier and easier and have wondered if I shouldn’t just drop it. I do really like the toning part of it and think it’s really great to add onto the end of my cardio, c25k.  Which is what I have been doing.  At the end of my c25k work out I’ve been doing the Pinterest workout. I enjoy the toning and then add some stretching as well. I probably won’t do away with it completely but for now the Pinterest work-out alone by itself I’m finished with.

I have added once a week either an aerobic work out by Suzanne Cox or a Core Rhythms work out which is very similar to Zumba. I really enjoy doing that with my friend as we can help & laugh with each other when we miss a step or move the wrong way. If you know me you know I’m terrible with my left from my right. Plus, doing it with her pushes me to do it till it’s finished. I find when I work out by myself I tend to give up to easily. I’m guessing that’s pretty normal.

Cassie and I also played around with this wireless fit mat that you attach to your TV and it’s basically like a dancing/aerobic work out that gives you a score. Complete with 12 full body active games. I LOVE it for when working out alone because you can keep trying to beat your score and it tells you at what percent you are burning.  It’s supposedly like the cheaper version of Wii Fit, I’m guessing.

As for food, the week went really well despite the Thursday night birthday party it was weekend on vacation that killed me but since I had done really well through the week I treated myself this weekend and am back at it today!

I will leave you with this picture in your head, my 2-year-old turned on the tv and was working out to the aerobics on the DVD, made me smile, I am being a great example and just the push I needed to get it together today!



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  1. germanymarie says:

    awesome!!! Great job:) You’re allowed to have a weekend of being bad. 🙂 I allow it!

  2. wildncrazygurl says:

    And I have tons of fun working out with you. I really need to get on this get fit thing more like u r!

  3. countrykay says:

    Thanks GM – I think I needed it 🙂 Seems it has done my body really well actually!!
    Cassie – I’m SOOO looking forward to Wed/Thurs… YAY!! I totally kicked A** with a 45min workout this morning, I actually feel awesome!!

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