I caught myself saying something the other day, and it’s something that needs to stop for multiple reasons.

I caught myself saying, ‘I’m lazy’. And it wasn’t just that I was saying it, it’s that I was using it to justify an action.

Granted, my understanding of my own laziness is a good thing, since knowing IS half the battle. Knowing allows me to do things that set me up to NOT be lazy, or to not be able to be lazy.

But still, I shouldn’t do this. I shouldn’t say it. Because honestly, I’m not always lazy. I am only lazy or procrastinate when it’s something that I either don’t want to do, or am intimidated by. If it’s something that I’m excited to do, or is easy, I just do it and barely even think about it. But if it’s going to be hard, it might get put off, if we’re talking about me.

So I need to stop this vicious cycle of cultivating negativity, even if I’m saying it in a way that doesn’t seem or sound all that negative. It IS. It is truly negative, and that’s not the way I’ll ever get things done or even get better.

With this in mind, the goal that I’m adding to the 2012 list is simple:
To stop being negative,
to stop being lazy and procrastinating success,
and to be more positive and proactive.

I need to stop using my laziness as an excuse or justification, because it doesn’t help me get anything accomplished and I’m tired of hiding behind this stupid and unnecessary weakness. It’s not good, cool, or funny to be lazy. So I’m changing that, starting today.


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I work hard, and I live hard.

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