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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I quit with the Pinterest trial and am now JUST doing the C25k trial and the Hundred Push-ups, which I’ll post about next.

I’m keeping with the running program, since I’m still seeing progress and am definitely feeling better about running in general!

I really do believe it’s true, what is said about forming habits: you can form any new habit in just two weeks. During the first week, I had to push myself sometimes to get out and run. I realized today that this has become habit, and it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ I’ll go running or not. It’s just WHEN.

I woke up this morning to snow. It was snowing, it had been snowing, and it was kind of sticking. Unlike the other day with the rain, I didn’t think about waiting it out. My hair was already TOTALLY dirty, I’d recently bought a new running sweatshirt with a hood, and unlike rain, snow doesn’t seem to let up so fast.

In contrast, I actually think that when it’s snowing, you should get out and run IMMEDIATELY, just because if it sticks or freezes, it’ll just be harder to run in or ON later. So run as soon as possible and get back inside so you can shower and then sit at the window and look OUT at the pretty snow.

So anyway. I just finished Week 3, Day 3 of C25k, which means that I’ve gone running 9 times in the past few weeks. It feels like more. I feel SO much better than I did when I started this challenge, and I think that needs to be noted. Granted, at this stage of the game I’m only running for 9 minutes per 30-minute session, but it’s for longer spurts than I probably would run if I wasn’t doing the program.

It’s so nice to NOT look at a clock, to just listen for the chime that tells you when to start or stop running, and think that that’s ALL you have to get through. I really would recommend this program to anyone, and I’m really excited to get through it and to be able to run a 5k again!

It seems like SUCH a long distance between running 9 minutes in intervals and running a full 30, but in the remaining 5 weeks, I imagine it will happen quite naturally.


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