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I finished Week 1 of the 100 push ups challenge this week. I got through it, but I’ve got an issue. As I stated in my initial post, I fell into the 3rd or ‘advanced’ column after my trial/test. While I was able to knock out enough good form push ups on that day, it appears that my form deteriorates after the first set. It started on day 2, and today it was worse.

Because of this, I’m concerned that if I continue with the route I’m on, I’ll continue to just barely scrape by on the workout days and only have mediocre form all the way through. Since this workout really only takes 5-10 minutes, I’d prefer to do it right rather than just finish it.

With that in mind, I think it’s in my best interest and the best thing for my eventual success if I drop down to level 2. Sure, the amount of push ups I’ll be doing is less and might not be ‘enough’ to get me to exhaustion, but I really do think it’s necessary to have proper form while doing the push ups.

So beginning on Tuesday, I’m going to re-do week 1, but in level 2 instead of level 3.

That being said, I did 57 push ups today. In ok form. I look forward to doing less push ups, but more properly, next week.


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