I write about time management a lot, and I will continue to, because I’m working on getting better at my own. I am really good at wasting time, and I’m trying to learn to be more productive and efficient. It’s easy to do in the land best known for its efficiency. No one appears to waste much of anything over here, and I appreciate that.

So my question for you is, do YOU have a few extra hours around the house with nothing to do? If so, then here’s a suggestion: PREP YOUR FOOD!

What does that even mean?, you ask?

Food prep/aration is the act of getting your food ready to eat. This could mean chopping lettuce for a salad, slicing tomatoes, making a shrimp salad. You’re not going to eat that entire bunch of celery as it is, are you? No! There’s chopping and rinsing involved, and even though it’s not a lot, that stuff takes time.

One of the leading reasons that people fall off the horse when it comes to dieting or eating healthy is a lack of time. Every person I know, at one point or another, has said the following phrase to me: ‘… but I/we didn’t have any time to make food, so I/we just got something at (insert fast food restaurant here) on the way‘.

If you want to stick to your diet or dietary needs, the best thing you can do is BE PREPARED. There needs to be easy, zero-prep time food in the fridge for when you’re hungry, so you don’t think to reach for the potato chips instead because they’re quicker. In fact, I just stopped buying them altogether, so I wouldn’t have the chance.

So if you’ve got an extra few hours sitting around and nothing to do with them (and a workout has already happened or is happening later), then prep your food.

Observe: Exhibit A:

I had a few hours today between teaching and my budo class, and I was trying to make my grocery shopping list for tomorrow. This meant I needed to take stock of what was in the fridge and plan my meals for the coming week.

I realized that I had a bunch of stuff in there that I hadn’t prepped yet (as I’ve been eating salad all week, which I prepped LAST WEEKEND), that needed to be done before I went to the store. I also realized that I’ll most likely spend a lot of time tomorrow OUT of the house, running errands, so I won’t have time to cook during the day.

As a side note: I also keep a window with multiple tabs open in my browser of all of the recipes I’ll make in the coming week, if they’re online. So I also had a window with like 5 tabs open that I wanted to move out of the way, to make room for what I’ll be making in the next few days. As I made my shopping list, I took out all of the things that needed to be prepared, and then cooked, cut, simmered and roasted four different things at once.

Multitasking: I haz it.

Pictured above, from top left, clockwise (click for recipe):
Chopped Carrots: Seriously. It takes TIME to chop carrots. All that peeling and cutting…

Curried Apples: This was a majorly easy recipe that only took about 10 minutes, after all of the peeling, coring and cutting of the apples.

Ginger Rice: an easy favorite that lasts all week!

Potatoes with Whole Indian spices: I’m totally on an Indian food kick. It’s hard to get here.

All of this together took me about two hours, and it’s easily three days’ worth of food. And that means that I’ve got all weekend open now to do whatever the hell I want.

So the next time you put the baby down for a nap, or have downtime between appointments/plans and are at home, get in the kitchen and peel or cook something. You’ll thank yourself later!!!


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  1. s_cin says:

    Totally trying the Ginger Rice recipe!

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