Today was supposed to be Week 3, Day 3 of my Couch to 5k training, but that didn’t happen. Why? Because it was raining like crazy here, and I’m kind of a baby about getting my hair wet.

I wouldn’t have cared, if I didn’t have a class to teach later in the evening. It was certain that I’d take a shower no matter WHICH workout I did, but running in the rain meant I’d have to wash my hair, and I wasn’t down for that. Not enough time!!!

I waited as long as I could for the rain to let up, but it didn’t. I probably would have bit the bullet a lot sooner, if I hadn’t been dreading the alternative: jumping rope.

Jumping Rope used to be one of my favorite things to do. In middle school we were introduced to fundraising and philanthropy via Jump Rope For Heart, the fitness fundraising event where you take pledges for donations based on the amount of time you jump rope.

I shit you not, as a middle schooler I was effing hardcore. I jumped for 3 hours once for this thing and raised a TON of money. My neighbors never signed another ‘per minute’ pledge for me ever again, after that. Because, seriously, what fanatic jumps rope for 3 hours???

Have you jumped rope lately? Now that you’re an adult?

Let me tell you something. It’s HARD. As in, not what I remember it to be. After some thought and discussion, I’ve decided that this is because I weigh much more than I weighed in middle school, and because there’s no such thing as gym class in real life, so I kind of suck at jumping these days. When do adults EVER jump? We rarely jump, and certainly not regularly.

I decided to pick up the jumping rope a few weeks ago when I decided that I MUST get better at jumping. Also, it’s a really great, fast cardio workout that can be done anywhere. It’s just majorly intimidating if you’re new to it, because it’s not easy. So today was my second day doing it.

The other day (about 4 days ago) when I first did it, it was GRUELING. I learned something valuable on that first day, when my plan was to just jump for 15 minutes: DON’T LOOK AT THE CLOCK. EVER. Not when you’re running, jumping rope or even just driving to work. Looking at the clock makes everything go by so much slower, and jumping rope is already hard enough.

I decided that day that in order to add 15 minutes to the tracker, I’d have to let the stopwatch run to at least 18 minutes, because of how many times I stopped since I kept hitting myself. Which adds another level to the torture of the first jumping rope session: whipping yourself. But I kept at it, did it, and spent the next 2 days stretching my calf muscles afterwards.

So when it became obvious today that the rain wasn’t going to let up, I decided I’d have to jump rope. And guess what? Today the first 10 minutes rolled by pretty quickly, and I was jumping noticeably higher than last time, tripping over the rope and hitting myself less. So I decided that today, I’d track a longer time. I made it to 21 minutes, so I tracked 18 in the tracker.

The awesome thing about jumping rope, aside from the excellent legs workout you get, is that it burns calories really, REALLY quickly. “Quickly” as in: 15 minutes = 150 calories for someone my weight, quickly. That’s awesome. I’m really excited that it was easier today and that I hit myself less. Maybe one of these days I’ll make it back up to 3 hours, but I’d be happy to hit 30 minutes. Baby steps.

Do you like to jump rope?


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  1. s_cin says:

    I totally remember doing the JRFH too! I kinda miss that actually.

  2. […] up this morning to snow. It was snowing, it had been snowing, and it was kind of sticking. Unlike the other day with the rain, I didn’t think about waiting it out. My hair was already TOTALLY dirty, I’d recently […]

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