Over the past seven days, I tried this Jillian Michaels diuretic that’s all over the internet (and apparently searched for quite often on google), which claimed that I’d lose 5lbs of ‘bloat’, or ‘water weight’ in a week.

As you can see from the photo and read in my earlier post, this isn’t a cleanse as much as it is just a little bit of cranberry and lemon juice mixed in with some watered-down tea. So I wasn’t too concerned about the health risks. On the other hand, how would that even work? I was intrigued.

I’d like to say that over the entire week, I lost .2 kg. That’s approximately half a pound. 

That being said, maybe I didn’t have a lot of excess water weight to burn. Jillian MAKES SURE to tell you this in her video, since the results will vary. So she’s warning you beforehand that you might not see the advertised results, which is at least more honest than hiding that warning in the * or small print, saying something like ‘results not typical‘.

ALL of that being said, I feel the need to say that when it comes to things like science experiments, it’s best to do them in a controlled environment, and have a control that you can compare the results against.

I certainly don’t have an extra body lying around, so there was no ‘control’ for me to compare to. To add to this, there were outside factors at play that could have hindered my water-weight loss, such as:

~ I couldn’t get dandelion ROOT tea, so I got regular dandelion. Does that even make a difference?

~ There was one day when I added WAY too much cranberry to the mixture, and decided to just drink it anyway, rather than waste it.

~ all of that working out I did. During the week, I went running, did lots of push ups and smaller at-home workouts, and went climbing twice.

~ all of that healthy eating I did. I’ve only succumbed to gluten 2x in the last 7 days, and it was mostly out of starving necessity. I ate Burger King for the last time in a long time on the day my boyfriend left for his business trip. Aside from these three dalliances, I’ve been a saint. I’ve been a pescetarian saint.

~ all of that period that came on day 6. I tend to gain a bit of weight before my period, and lose it DURING the 3 days that I bleed.


Or, hey, maybe I just don’t have any excess water weight. Our bodies are mostly water.

Because of these things, I’m thinking that I’d like to try it again. I’ll do it AFTER the next time I get my period, though, in order to give my body some time to forget the drink. That would allow me to start fresh. I’ll take the time until then to try to find real dandelion ROOT tea, if I can. I’ll post about it next time, too 🙂


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  1. Michelle S. says:

    i’ll be trying it, too once my tea comes in. will be reporting on that when I begin my cleanse.

  2. […] week, GM and I tried the Jillian Michaels Cleanse that we found on Pinterest. It’s a very easy cleanse, with 3 ingredients: cranberry juice, […]

  3. Laura says:

    Did you ever try this again?? did it work?

    • Michelle S. says:

      Hi Laura, I have used this “cleanse” on and off, but not to lose weight. I find that it gives me more natural energy for the day. It’s the water that makes you have to pee a lot, which will help lose water weight, but I don’t think I had any water weight to lose. I do recommend this though as an ongoing drink to replace extra cups of coffee or for someone who needs a little flavor in their water. It didn’t taste bad at all. 🙂 Hope that helps. If you try it, please let us know what you think!

  4. Ria says:

    i’m on day 3, and not reallly noticing a difference. We’ll see. I surerly dont expect 5 lbs, but 1 or 2 and I’d be happy!

    • Michelle S. says:

      I started it again because I am super bloated this month — thank you PMS. I’m on Day 1 and haven’t noticed much difference this time around. Maybe it can’t combat my hormones. Thanks, Ria, for the update!

  5. Emily says:

    Dandelion root tea can be found at places like Whole Foods or usually at a local health food store. Good luck!

  6. mellissaanne says:

    I made this drink but all the recipes I have seen say that the water is supposed to turn brownish/orangish and mine barely turned colour at all. Its just slightly pink from the cranberry. I am using raw dandelion root tea not roasted. Would that be why? and will this change its health benefits?

    • Michelle S. says:

      I had the same experience when I made the drink, too. It almost looked like dirty water. Just slightly tinged. I used raw dandelion root tea as well. You could try steeping the tea bag(s) longer, but even then mine didn’t really change brownish or orangish.

  7. […] just need to see something happening for a bit more inspiration you know? So the cleanse is this: https://fitfreedom.wordpress.com/2012…iuretic-recap/ I know tht dandelion is a diuretic so it will just be water weight but hey ho, il give it a go! […]

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