Is super great balance important?? I know one thing for sure, and that’s that I have terrible balance; as a matter of fact my friends and family call me ‘Grace’ as a joke because I’m about as graceful as a hedgehog. I’m probably the only person you know that fell up the stairs, and then tumbled all the way back down to the bottom! It was not pretty, nor ‘graceful’ by any means. However, can it effect your work-out?

Balance is a component of fitness: it is the ability to control the body’s position while moving or not moving.  The importance of balance and being more aware of instability will help you to better train the area of your body that needs the most work. It also helps prevent injuries while promoting flexibility.  Balance is important to your work-out with regard to flexibility, your core strength and mobility, which are all components of fitness training. Most people who excercise regularly work on balance & they do it without even knowing it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t improve it.

I will have to say that my fall up/down the stairs came 5 months post partum with my last son, and the truth of it was that I off-balance everywhere. So starting with a simple 15-20 min. walk helped to create some semblance of balance and from there, I have worked towards better balance with other exercises. My favorite balance DSC_8084exercises, I  do during my every day routines, I just add them in as I’m working and actually, I do it now without even thinking about it.  The first I started was while I was brushing my teeth each morning, I would stand on one foot and count to 60 in my head and then do it with the other foot – you’re supposed to brush your teeth for 2 minutes anyway.  Building balance and good dental hygiene, SCORE!  The other one that I do is while I’m washing dishes, I stand on one foot and put the other foot rested on the knee or calf I kind of look like a flamingo but it helps build balance while I’m washing the dishes. These are 2 very easy steps to help you build balance, but there’s whole exercise regimens centered around balance-building, especially for people playing sports and the elderly. It seems balance is something that we lose as we get older.

Yoga is a really good way to go to train for balance, as well as Tai Chi. There are also many tools on the market today to help like balance/stability balls, balance boards and the BOSU.

“We can be sure that the greatest hope for maintaining balance in the face of any situation rest within ourselves.” ~Francis Braceland


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