Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a HUGE music lover. I used to write reviews and a few columns for the popular music website MOG, before they got rid of their contributing writers and moved to syndication. I feel like music is what helps me to keep going through my workouts. With this thought in mind, I’m going to share some of the tracks from my personal fitness playlist for our readers. If the readers enjoy, I’ll keep posting them!

Maybe you’ll meet some new bands that you didn’t know existed. Maybe you’ll see some bands that you already love. Either way, I hope these songs inspire you to keep going when you feel like stopping:)

Rock on,


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Funny that you wrote this, I was actually going to write one about music that gets me going too! For me, I like a lot of different types of music, but they are all fast paced, and that’s what keeps me working out, whether running or strength training. Nice choice to add. Some will be on my playlist soon!

  2. Michelle S. says:

    haha. i was just thinking about making a new playlist yesterday. i’m surprised there’s no lady gaga on your list! she makes me wanna dance! we must have all been on the same page with music on the mind. good stuff.

  3. Michelle S. says:

    Telephone is my favorite! yeah, baby. I knew she was on there somewhere.

  4. countrykay says:

    This is awesome and I too was thinking of posting about my ‘playlist’, mostly because I had just mentioned it to my husband that I really enjoy plugging in and going for a walk. I have many Christian – ‘High Octane’ excercise CDs that really get the momentum going and help me to clear my mind and gain the emotional/spiritual focus I need to make each day run smoothely in my house of craziness 😉 I really feel on my road to a healthy lifestyle, my emotional and spiritual mind needs to get fit to!
    P.S. I love all new music and can’t wait to add some of these to my mix, thanks!

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