After Reading a comment Michelle made on my post about Portions I was banging around a few thoughts and wasn’t sure how to sum them up. Thanks, Michelle, you are awesome!!

Small victories add up to larger ones and goals are a must. Sometimes just the simplest of goals can feel so great when accomplished. For example, my goal today was to get through the entire day with only drinking one can of soda. For some of you that might not seem like a lot, but for me it’s A LOT to ask. My best friend even said to me today ‘I like my soda and my family would benefit from me having my normal caffeine/soda intake, there is no reason to kick a bear in the ass to see if it’s alive.’  Which ultimately made me laugh because whether I want to admit it or not, caffeine is like a drug to me & when I don’t have it I tend to get irritable and grouchy and usually have a HUGE headache. So, today I am proud to say, I have been in a beyond excellent mood & have only drank 1 soda today. SMALL VICTORY!

Helping create small victories in your life can be hard at times however, all those small victories add up and can help you reach a large victory or goal. My Dad who has taken this health plunge with me says there are a lot of little things you can do to mentally help/trick yourself or your body into eating less and doing more. Most people overeat, and helping yourself portion is #1 on his list of conditioning. He went on to bring up a very valid point, and that is: ‘healthy’ is not just diet &/or exercise, it is a conditioning & a changing one’s lifestyle forever, for the better.  He and I sat and chatted for some time, I will list a few things that might help you create a small victory that may add up to a large victory.

– when getting a snack – place your snack in a shallow bowl instead of a deep bowl, mentally it looks like more.

– Michelle’s idea of brushing your teeth before watching tv can help you with that terrible need to place food in your mouth when you’re not doing anything else.

– if you can’t brush your teeth before watching tv, say you are visiting with a friend/family, try keeping your hands busy with a project. Doodle on pad of paper, flip through a book or magazine. Even if you aren’t paying attention to it, your hands will be busy. My best friend crochets dish rags instead of eating while she watches tv.  FTR – I love her dish-rags they are way better than what you buy in the store.

– when eating a meal, try chewing each bite slower than usual; I have a really hard time eating slow… I have 3 little kids that are on the constant move.  When I take my time and eat slower, I seem to get full quicker.

– chewing gum or drinking water when you feel hungry: this works great for me before bed. I read once somewhere that most times when you feel hungry especially right after eating, most of the time you are just thirsty. A lot of times you can curb your appetite with chewing a piece of gum or drinking some water.

– eating a piece of fruit when you want something sweet. Fruit is good for you: it’s low in calories and has lots of natural sugars. Also, whether you really want chocolate or not, if you’re full from eating fruit, the urge to eat something sweet will be stopped with the fruit!

– try portioning your food in little bags ahead of time so that you only have to pull one serving size out at a time.

– try putting your food on a smaller plate, this works really well for me at night because it makes my plate look full even if it’s less than what everyone else has.

– when choosing a place to dine out, steer clear of buffets & try sharing a meal with someone you are with. If they won’t share, order your meal with a to-go box and when your food arrives, place half your food in the to go box & lavish the thought of what you will have for lunch tomorrow that the others won’t.
Just a few things to get you thinking about the little victories and small goals that you can work towards each day and if you feel the need to throw your hands above your head and shout from the roof tops about the small victory – do it, because it will surely help propel your forward.

Remember: EVERYTHING in Moderation, and it’s totally okay to treat yourself and totally okay to fall off the bandwagon from time to time. No one’s perfect!


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  1. Michelle S. says:

    YES! love this. it really is about small victories adding up. it’s so important to set short term achievable goals. then, you’re not kicking yourself in the ass for blowing off your workout on Tuesday because … hey, you busted your ass on Wednesday and you only had 1 soda! small victories. celebrate them. they will turn into larger victories when you add them up.

  2. germanymarie says:

    one day at a time! right now I’m trying to get back to NOT biting my nails, and that is definitiely a daily struggle. I have to tell myself ‘not today’ every day! The small victories add up to be bigger ones!! ❤

    By setting long-term goals ('i will never drink soda again'), we're setting ourselves up to fail. But small, daily or weekly goals help up work towards the big picture!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I love this post too! I’ve totally realized what your dad said about healthy eating and dieting; it IS true! Like everything else in your life (kids, family, friends, hobbies) it becomes a part OF you and makes you who you are. You’re also right about being thirsty vs being hungry. If you feel a craving, drink as much water as you can. If after a few minutes you’re still hungry, then snack on something small. I drink a gallon of water a day, getting through half by the time my workday is over. Whenever I have a free second, I chug water even if I’m not fully thirsty. Water is a great way to stay in shape and less hungry. For the portion controls, I found these things called Bento Boxes viz Amazon and my fitness mag. They come in different colors and for different occasions, but there’s 4-5 of these boxes in a lunchbox, and they’re different serving sizes to help you portion things out like you said. I bought one and am excited to start using it.

  4. countrykay says:

    Steph & GM… those Bento Boxes sound awesome, do they come in HK?? LOL!

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