I cannot do a chin up (or pull up – whatever you call it). Not one.

Yup. I just tried and it was a no go. But I’m going to do one. Even if it’s just one!

Back in the day, I could do 3-5 chin ups. I went to school with some pretty athletic chicks, though, so I felt like that pretty much sucked. Here I am present day and I can’t even get my arms to pull my ass up … literally.

100pushupsSince I obviously can’t just practice until I can pull myself up, I’m going to start the 100 push ups challenge … again. I got pretty far with it last time, but this time I’m determined. Maybe it’s my yoga class that’s got me motivated. Maybe it’s this blog. Either way, this is my plan and I’m wrangling in a partner (hello Germany-Marie!) so we can push each other and hold ourselves accountable.

After completing the 100 push ups challenge, I should be able to pull my ass up. Perhaps dropping 5 lbs will help with that, too. I will be reporting back on my success (because I plan to be successful in my endeavor). Positive thinking!

I struggle with the ability to follow through after I start a challenge. This will be my 3rd attempt at the 100 push ups challenge. I got up to 80 push ups! That’s pretty bad ass in my opinion. Then, it just dropped off. When you know you have trouble following through, it’s always beneficial to enlist a partner to help hold you accountable. Accountability, after all, might be just what you need to push yourself that extra 5 minutes or that extra rep when you’re ready to quit. Knowing you have to report back is motivation enough!

This blog holds me accountable. You’ll never read about something from any of us that we haven’t truly given our all to. There may be workouts that we find we don’t like, but you’ll hear about it and then we’ll move on to something else. I am so sick of trying new diets and new fitness routines or being sold on a new program that requires me to buy this powder or that supplement. It’s always about money and it’s just unacceptable. For a country that is hugely overweight, we can do better. I get why people want to take advantage and make a profit from someone else’s pain, but it shouldn’t be the way. Health and fitness advice should be free.

And for the most part it is … if you know where to look.

Honestly, eating healthy seems like common sense … now. A few years ago, I felt like I didn’t know what to eat because according to this diet or that news article, even healthy food items caused cancer or had high fat contents. It wasn’t until I educated myself about good fats v bad and antioxidants and things of that nature, that I was able to see through those reports and make better choices. It takes effort though. Effort on your part to do the work and take the time.

We are so full of excuses. I know, because I was full of them, too. Big hips are in my genes. Bad teeth run in my family. Most of this country is overweight, so it’s just inevitable. Etc. Etc. Etc. I could name at least a dozen excuses I’ve come up with over the years to shrug off the parts of my body — of my life — that I don’t like.


Making excuses is like giving up. Well, the light has finally come on and I refuse to make anymore excuses for these things. I want to free myself from the prison I’ve lived in for so long and finally move forward.

You know, studies show that females have less upper body strength than men? I read that once and accepted it. I won’t sit here and tell you I’m going to become a boxer and have massive biceps, but I’d love to be able to throw a killer punch!


About Michelle S.

"Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever..." Make each day better than the day before.

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  1. countrykay says:

    Your gym locker was next to mine… I completely understand, I love being able to throw a great punch, feels good to know that I can defend what is mine if the time ever presents itself. I’m proud of you & glad we are all friends!

  2. germanymarie says:

    I’m happy to say that thanks to my MA training, I know plenty of ways to kill a person along with regular punching… but I really need to get back on track with my upper-body strength, too! One of the weapons we’re training right now is really heavy, and I’m having trouble controlling how I strike with it. I am IN for the push-ups challenge!! When do we start?

    p.s. thanks for motivating me, I came home and was tired, but now I have to get up and go running!! xo

  3. Michelle S. says:

    GM, let’s start after this weekend. I just realized that you are also working on other programs so I can modify my schedule to fit into yours since yours is much fuller than mine.

  4. germanymarie says:

    If you want to start sooner, I can always start a week after you! At this point, adding the push-ups to the jumping exercises will give me a full-body workout (almost), so it’s not a problem to add on 5 minutes for push-ups! Starting after this weekend is good for me! It’ll give me time to figure out which days to do what:)

  5. Stephanie says:

    Try using a chair that’s a few feet behind the pull-up bar. With the back rest of the chair closest to you, only use the tip of your foot to help lift you up. Your arms should be doing 90% of the lifting.

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