Things I saw on Pinterest yesterday:

~ Lots of photos of Emma Watson

~ Lots of women planning their weddings, most likely not even engaged

~ Lots of women saying different versions of ‘I want to be skinny but don’t want to do the work, and I think ‘skinny’ is a good measure of one’s health’ (vomit)

~ And that photo to the left, saying that Jillian Michaels says I should drink a diuretic water mix that will help me shed water weight.

That last one, to me, sounds a lot like a cleanse. And I’m not especially interested in cleanses, or things called ‘diets’. I am a fan of the words ‘healthy’ and ‘diet’ when used in conjunction to describe making healthy eating choices while still enjoying everything we put in our mouths.

I’ve only ever seen ‘diets’ fail. I don’t do them myself, but plenty of my friends have, and I’m not down with the idea of being miserable in order to feel better about how I look. I want to feel great about how I look while eating what I love, and that’s what I do.

I’ve been so FUCKING good for the past week, you have no idea: only ONE piece of bread in 7 days, eating my prescribed 5 small gluten-, dairy- and legume-free meals per day, loading up on fruit when I’m craving chocolate. It’s been a winning week and I’m not even tired of it. I even had gluten-free Lebkuchen today. WINNING!!

A few of my friends do cleanses once in a while, and while I find them interesting, I don’t personally feel a need to try them. I’m already excluding so many things from my diet, there’s nothing left! I do agree that they’re probably a good idea if you’ve been on a steady diet of potato chips and McDonald’s for a few days or weeks: then a fruit fast or a cleanse might be just what you need to get the taste of processed out of your mouth.

So when I saw THIS little image pop up on Pintrest, my first thought was, obviously, ‘that’s some terrible design’. But once I moved past my graphic arts training, my first thought was ‘I wonder if JM really said this’. So much of what we read on the internet is written by less-than-expert parties, so it’s not uncommon to see people writing things like this and then saying that someone famous said it or does it. So direct to Google I went, and typed in a search for some applicable key phrases. At first I came up with a bunch of people just copying the words, which doesn’t spell ‘authentic’ to me. Then I found this:

That’s definitely JM. And she’s definitely doing her normal, overly enthusiastic talking about the water mix.

So then I thought, ‘ok, well, this isn’t a ‘cleanse’ in the normal sense of the word: there aren’t any food group exclusions happening, there are no funny shakes or pills to buy as supplements, and I get to keep eating exactly what I’m eating’. Seriously, when you’re already excluding THREE QUARTERS of what is most often considered ‘healthy’, there isn’t really a lot left to exclude.

If they were asking me to replace a meal, I’d be gone. But this is just mixing some cranberry juice and lemon with what I already drink a ton of every day: water. So I figure, this one can’t really mess me up too bad… these are things I ingest nearly every day already.

So I’m going to try it. I did the suggested 60 oz today, and I’ll do it for 6 more days. I’ll let you know how it works out.

As a side note and as preparation, today I was 2 kg (3.5-4 lbs) heavier than my starting weight. Considering I’ve been eating nothing but AMAZINGLY for the past week and exercising properly, I understand that this is the beginning of the changes: my body looks great and toned, and I’ve gained muscle. Gaining muscle is the first step to burning more fat, so I was already expecting my weight to drop a bit in the coming days. If it drops 5 lbs or more, I’ll definitely be writing about it at the end of my week three fitness trials.

Let the cranberrylemonwater begin!


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  1. Michelle S says:

    Yeah baby! I ordered my dandelion root tea and I’m ready! Maybe this will be the motivation I need to drink more water. I need to drink more water! Looking forward to your results.

  2. countrykay says:

    I’m curious how it goes… I agree ‘skinny’ is a stupid word and VERY overated. I just had a conversation today with Cassie about ‘skinny’ jeans and how could they possibly come in size 20 & Why in the name of Pete use the word ‘skinny’; couldn’t it be ‘healthy fit’ jeans, ‘nice fit’ jeans, ‘glove’ jeans?? LOL!
    ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ is what I’m all about!!

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