I’d like to introduce our excellent readers to our newest writer, who I’ve known for ALMOST my entire life! I have no idea what she’s going to call herself yet/what username she’ll choose, so I’m going to call her Cinci until she decides.

Cinci ALSO went to high school with all of us, and I don’t want to give away TOO much information before she gets on WP and writes her own bio, but I definitely know her well enough to share some info with you:)

Cinci used to play soccer and softball. In fact, she still might (things I don’t know since I live in another country)! She’s currently a photographer for the military and photographs lots of cool things that she can’t talk about. Or else she’d have to kill you. She went to school and studied photography (one of many things we have in common) and now she does it full-time. She’s also had a few photo shows and you can see her work online, but I’ll let her post the link. She’s really into live music and X-games stuff.

Aside from being an excellent photographer, Cinci is a really great friend, a model bridesmaid (seriously, everyone wants her in their wedding), a good mom to her cat Milo and really, really into anything fitness related. She’s the only woman I know with a chin-up bar in her hallway.

You think I, of all people, would joke about that. But you have no idea. Just you wait and see, she is going to make me look lazy by comparison.

Cinci likes to do it all: she goes rock climbing, does marathon walks for charity, goes on photo expeditions with her boyfriend and their coworkers, and runs 5ks a lot more than I do. She’s like the fitness ninja. I’m pretty sure she could kill you while doing a P90X workout. I don’t know how, but I think it’s true.

So look for her to start posting soon, under SOME name that has yet to be decided. You’ll know it when we change the title of this page!!!

I’m very excited to have her on the team. We all are, I’m sure! She brings another unique POV to our blog, and that’s always a good thing!

Welcome, Cinci!!


About germanymarie

I work hard, and I live hard.

2 responses »

  1. countrykay says:

    WELCOME!! Excited to have you.

  2. Michelle S says:

    Welcome Cinci! We are happy to have you join us. Looking forward to your posts.

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