I’m about to sound like some kind of fitness junkie. I’m not, I’m just trying to get back into things, and so I’m possibly OVERLY enthusiastic right now! I want to talk about scheduling today. I think it’s important that our readers know what we’re doing, what we’re trying, and how often we do it.

I really, really suck at scheduling things, but there are some parts of my life that are pretty constant, and it’s easy for me to schedule AROUND those things. Things in my life that are constant are a class that takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Monday night, Thursday night and Friday morning classes that I teach. These are the constants that I have to work around. These help me to build my fitness schedule, or at least to try to plan ahead for it!

So. The class that I take on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights is my martial arts class. Because this happens 3x per week, I try to keep that as the ‘main fitness activity’ for those days, even though it is certainly not some fast-paced cardio course. It is NOT. But I do get a great workout from it!

Because of that, my C25k and Pintrest trial happen (usually) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (or Sunday if I get lazy). C25K is a 3x per week program, so I put both trials together and do them at the same time. It’s just easier to remember to do them that way.

I was planning to start with the higher-jumping workouts this or next week, and at first, I was planning to just add them on to my TTS schedule. But then I got to thinking that that might be TOO much of a workout for me on one day, and that since jumping rope is certainly going to be one of the exercises in the jumping circuit, that I should add that to my martial arts days, instead, since I’m lacking cardio on those days. I think that’s a good idea, and it means that I won’t overload myself on one schedule and then end up not doing the other one! If I’m paying 80 Euros per month to train in this art, I don’t want to miss any classes, you know?

As a summary, here’s what my week looks like:

Monday: Jumping Routine, Martial Art (MA)
Tuesday: C25K, Pintrest Routine
Wednesday: Jumping, MA
Thursday: C25k, Pintrest
Friday: Jumping, MA
Saturday (or Sunday): C25K, Pintrest

On top of all of this, I really, really want to get back to a Yoga class!! The only ones I am able to take are on Tuesday nights, so it might get tossed onto Tuesday evenings. I don’t consider Yoga an intense workout, although you do burn calories from it (a good amount, too!), but I love Yoga and the way I feel doing it, and afterwards. It’s a really great way  to calm your mind.

I also need to get back to climbing, which I also really love. The only times that can happen with the current schedule would be Thursday nights and Saturday or Sundays. That has to happen in the evenings, though, since too many parents like to bring their kids to the climbing hall and just leave them in the boulder room!! I have a really low tolerance for kids that don’t belong to my friends, so this is not good for me.

So that means my schedule actually looks like this!

Monday: Jumping Routine, Martial Art (MA)
Tuesday: C25K, Pintrest Routine, Yoga
Wednesday: Jumping, MA
Thursday: C25k, Pintrest, Climbing (maybe)
Friday: Jumping, MA
Saturday (or Sunday): C25K, Pintrest, Climbing (maybe)

Like I said, now I look like some fitness nut. I’m not, I just like to do active things. The Yoga and Climbing are pure enjoyment. Seriously. It’s an added bonus that they’re workouts.

I don’t expect to do everything on the list, but I would like to, if I can! So this is what I’m shooting for, although it might not be what actually happens. Can you tell which writer DOESN’T have kids?

And with that, I’ll leave you with this:)

Namaste, bitches.


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  1. countrykay says:

    Thank you for making note that you don’t have children LOL! That’s all I was thinking while I was reading… I could never do all of that & take care of my family 🙂 GO YOU!! Wish I had this kind of friendship & motivation before I had kids however, I will accept it now with open arms 🙂

  2. countrykay says:

    I also wanted to add my schedule:

    Mon- Couch to 5k (c25k)/house cleaning and child care (HC3)
    Tues – Pinterest/HC3
    Wed – c25k/zumba/HC3/bowling
    Thur – pinterest/HC3
    Fri- c25k/HC3
    Sat – Pinterest/HC3
    Sun – Rest/HC3

    Yes, I clean & take care of my kids EVERYDAY, I’m a Mom!!

  3. countrykay says:

    LOL! The work-out or just the site?!? Maybe I should have specified,’cause I could spend ALL day on that site… which is SO totally BAD!!! LOL! I usually give myself an hour on the site…which usually turns into two ;( ADDICTIVE!
    As for a time limit on the workout, I try to do it in 15-20 minutes.

  4. germanymarie says:

    I meant the site:) hahah! I can definitely lose a few hours if I’m not careful!!!

  5. Michelle S says:

    I seriously need to get on a schedule. I think I also need to schedule in water consumption. Matt suggested that actually. Thank you husband! He suggested having a water goal by a certain time each day. So, by 12pm I plan to drink at least 20oz of water. Then, by 4pm another 20 oz and then by 7 or 8pm another 20oz. My goal is to drink 60oz a day. It’s not easy for me because I hate to have to pee all day. AND, I just am not thirsty so it’s a real effort.

    I think I need to schedule in meals and snacks, too because I am not eating enough calories on a daily basis. So, my scheduling is down to the hour! Hopefully it’s only that way until I get into a routine and it just becomes habit.

    Here’s my weekly schedule:

    M: 100pushups, Yoga
    T: C25K
    W: 100 pushups
    Th: C25K
    Fri: 100pushups
    Sat: C25K
    Sun: Chillax!

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