If you hadn’t noticed my comment on GM’s post, I, to am doing the Couch to 5k and the Pinterest trial.

Today was day two for me and I’d like to say, that as much as I hate to admit it, the Couch to 5k was much easier for me. I really enjoyed the break up of the jogging and the walking. It to me made it a lot easier than trying to run for 20 mins straight or not getting enough push with just the walking for 20 mins. I did lengthen the 5 minutes swift walk in the beginning to 8 minutes, just simply because it takes me that long to reach a paved road. I prefer not to jog/run on the gravel as I’m not exactly graceful and I’d prefer not injuring myself i.e. turning an ankle in the gravel. I then did the rest of the work out consistent with what it states and then used the 8 minute walk back down the gravel as a cool down. It was great, I only had minor pain in my legs that I could totally deal with and still maintain taking care of my children.

Now for the Pinterest trial… it was to me a bit harder, mostly because it’s a lot of repetitive movement with regard to toning and I had LOTS of help.  As you know, I have 3 young children, the older goes to school and the younger two are home with me. It’s a well-known fact if you lay down on the floor ANYWHERE in my house, you are fair game for attack! So, while doing my crunches I was not only using my abdomen muscles to move myself but the 2 munchkins I had sitting on me. The leg lifts tend to be interesting as you lift your leg they are pushing down on you or your DSC_8043legs & find it quite a fun game. The things I could do standing, i.e. arm circles and squats were not nearly as hard because I wasn’t on the floor.  I am proud to say though, I did plank for 60 secs. face down on my forearms with both of them sitting on me. Which by the way is not easy because combined weight is probably about 50 lbs.

I did however finish both and they are great so far. I can feel mild pain but nothing that I can’t live with. I’m still able to do all the things that I need as well as care for my children & my home. I will also add that yesterday I wrote down and counted all my calories!! I only drank 1 soda & the rest water, which if I haven’t said it before is a terrible weakness for me but I’m slowly working on it.
Here is my list from yesterday:
coffee/cream/sugar – 47
Multi-grain Cheerios/milk – 75
snack – 120
salad/chicken – 200
dressing – 102
potato (part of) – 115
Soda – 140
snack – 14
pork chop – 149
potato – 149
broccoli – 20
condiments – 70
Total = 1316

Which is awesome!! I truly want to stay between 1200-1500 calories each day.  I portioned my food and tried not to over eat or eat things I know would be really high in calories, with the exception of the soda. I’m doing great! It’s totally doable and I was still able to have both snack times with my babies.

I feel great, I’m more motivated, happier and not so scatter-brained.

I plan to keep up the good work!!

p.s. I will also be starting a ‘core rhythms’, it’s like Zumba, one time a week with a friend at home to just try to keep up and encourage and motivate each other for a better tomorrow.


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  1. germanymarie says:

    yay, you!!
    I promise, it gets easier!! I’m going to write my ‘end of week 2’ update right now, you can see it there!

    For the 8 minute walk… whatever works!!! I’m glad you’re trying this with me, it will be awesome to get another perspective! I totally couldn’t do the plank all the way through for the first week:)

  2. countrykay says:

    🙂 as for the plank it sucked but I DID IT! Plus I had 50lbs sitting on my back and later I was trying to show my Mom and Dad how to do it and my arms where shaking LOL! Oh well!! I was pumped and excited that I had done everything else without too much problem 🙂 I’m excited for tommorow, last nice day then it’s going to be below 0 and I’m not going to like that AT ALL ;(

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