I have something of a problem. In fact, it’s twofold: (1) I’m short, and (2) I like to take a lot of photos of myself jumping.

The photo to the left is what we call, in the art world, an ‘art jump’: you see a piece of art that you love, and you immortalize how you feel about said piece of art, and then send it off to an excellent website called jumpinginartmuseums.com. I’m what’s known as a repeat-offender, due to my goal to see all of the public Claes + Coosje sculptures in the world.

That goal is definitely going well, and I’ve seen many so far. I’ve got a good reason to visit every listed location, minus Texas. I might actually see South Korea before I see Texas, as funny as that sounds.

The photo I’ve chosen was chosen because it’s arguably the most air I’ve gotten for any of the photos. Sadly, it was taken at the end of 2009, and my jumps have gotten consistently worse since then.

I know a lot of that has to do with my health/fatigue issues and generally being out of shape. There are scrolls in my martial art that center around major jumping, and we never get around to training them.

And then I started trying to do shots like these a few weeks ago, and that’s when I decided that I REALLY need to fix this jumping issue of mine. These two photos make it look like I’m good at jumping, but I’m not. I’m short, and my vertical jump is pretty terrible.

So how do I go about fixing that?

I figured that asking basketball websites might be a good place to start, and that seems to have been a correct assumption. A google search for ‘better vertical jump’ turned up website after website of basketball-related information and suggestions.

I’ve chosen two sites which have interesting workouts and great information to add to my routine.

Each of them suggest that I should do the workouts/training about 4x per week, and that goes right along with my C25K and Pintrest workouts, so I’m thinking of adding them on to the tail end of those, since I never quite feel like what I’m doing is ‘enough’.

Here are links to the two pages I’ll be bookmarking:

JUMP HIGHER, Insidehoops.com

Vertical Jump Training

Rather than adding them to our fitness to do list page (above), I’m just going to list them here, since I’ll be starting with them TOMORROW. I won’t do all of the exercises every time, but will choose between them and mix them up a bit, so my body doesn’t get used to them. But I’m looking forward to getting back to jump-roping, definitely.

I can’t decide, though, what a good way to gage my progress would be. At the moment, if I jump straight up, I can’t touch my ceiling, which is low enough. So maybe that will be my goal, to be able to jump and touch my ceiling. Before we move out of this place, which will hopefully happen in the next few months (long story, unrelated to fitness).


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