I managed to get myself back on track with the fitness trials and have been really, really good this week with what I’ve been eating and keeping to the workout schedule. I’m going to talk about my schedule in a later post, but I wanted to give an update on how my two fitness trials are going.

For those of you not in the loop, I posted earlier about beginning the Couch to 5K program and also trying out a routine that I found interesting on Pintrest. Today is the end of the second week for me.

I should first mention that I track my fitness on a site called Sparkpeople, which you can read about on the fitness links page (above). It’s great because I can make notes and view my progress.

First, about the Pintrest workout (image left):

There was a bit of confusion for me for some of these workouts, like the bicycles and the sumo squats. What I mean is, questioning what those numbers mean.

50 crunches is 50 crunches, and you do leg lifts with both legs together. But when I read ’50 bicycles’, I don’t know if this means ‘1 set of 25 right, 1 set of 25, left’, or ‘1 set of 50 right, 1 set of 50 left’. I decided that I would start with 50 TOTAL (so, 25 left, 25 right) and then if that got too easy, that I’d push to do 50r, 50l.

This was the same issue I had with the sumo squats, since 15 is an odd number. When I see an odd number, I think ‘set’ rather than ‘individual move’. Because sumo squats are done one leg at a time, I decided that this MUST mean 15 sets, or 30 actual squats (15r, 15l). So I’m doing 30 total squats, 15 per side.

The things that I was dreading and not so good at in the beginning were the bicycles, push-ups and the plank pose. I love me some yoga, and I could to crunches all day, but I kind of hate bicycle crunches. In the beginning, these three were the worst for me.

Now, at the end of week 2, I can safely say that I am seeing some excellent progress. I am churning through the bicycle crunches, the leg lifts aren’t quite so grueling, and I’m going deeper with the push-ups (I started with really easy-going ones, barely going down to a 90-degree arm bend). This week, I’ve also managed to hold that plank pose with minimal issue. So, progress!

In regards to the C25K program, I’ve noticed from my fitness tracker that I’m already going FURTHER than when I started, which means that I’m making progress. Nothing really hurts, I’m totally not tired by the end of it, and I’m a good kind of sore the next morning.

Now: the payoff: I can already see the difference in my body definition! I’m not sure if this is unique to my body, but all I ever need to see any kind of definition is to work out.

So after week 2, I can already see my abs more than before (but they still end up hidden by the end of the day), and I’m starting to see a really badass definition between my behind and my hips in the back. My thighs aren’t rubbing together so much, either, which always makes me happy. Make no mistake: they’re still wide!! Also, when I do crunches now, I can’t see a ‘pooch’ between my belly button and my hips, and that makes me happy. It’s already gotten flatter.

That, friends, is winning. I don’t think this Pintrest workout will continue to get me results after the one month mark unless I up the reps, but it’s a good first trial, I think!!


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