(as a side note before I begin with the blogging: WHERE are all of the photos of ‘real people’ running? I just wanted a photo of someone running, and every image has a svelte, toned woman or man in it, rather than anyone I’d ever know. I think I need a new photo project. But hey, the graffiti is cool!)

I’ve got a lot of posts that need posting, and I’m hoping to get all of them out of my system tonight, since it appears I’ll be up late (I slept until 11:30, and I have no idea why).

This post is about an article I read and a figure that keeps popping up. The article is THIS ONE, from Salon dot com. It’s discussing what we’re all slowly failing at right now, new year’s resolutions. Thankfully, I didn’t make any resolutions, just goals ;)

Aside from that, though, it’s discussing how 30 minutes is the new recommended amount of physical activity that we should be getting every day. 30 minutes is really a very small amount, when you think about all of those people you know who hit the gym 3-4x per week and are there for like 2 hours. That’s about double the daily recommended dosage, according to the new research results from the powers that be.

And 30 minutes, when we stop and think about it, is a really easy number to reach. That’s a walk with your dog. That’s 1/4 of a budo class for me. That’s one Couch-to-5k run. That’s NOTHING.

A lot of fitness books and programs will ask you to realize your own self-worth, and then tell you that you are WORTH the hour at the gym every day. Or every other day. You are WORTH that hour of cardio. And to a lot of people who are JUST getting into a fitness regimen, an hour seems like a HUGE part of our day. Especially when some of my friends spend that much time IN TRAFFIC, one-way to their jobs and the same amount on the way home. That’s just ludicrous. Of COURSE people don’t have the time, they’re too busy sitting in their cars, waiting to get to their job, which they hate.

So against all of that, 30 minutes is nothing. It’s half of your lunch break. It’s the time between your favorite shows on TV. It’s the time we waste puttering around our houses until it’s time to go somewhere or do something or talk to someone.

Granted, 30 minutes is actually the minimum. We should do more, if we want to see actual results (like an 8 pack or better endurance). But starting with 30 minutes is a good start. That’s like asking someone to give $.50 per day to end world hunger. It’s a small amount that adds up to a lot by the end of the year, but it’s so small that we barely miss it. Kind of like your left pinky finger… what’s that thing even good for, anyway?

I kind of love what the writer says here, because it’s good for all of us to remember:
Here’s what you need. Sneakers. A mix of cardio and strength training. An understanding that you can’t fool your body by not making an effort. A casual saunter on the treadmill while tweeting isn’t going to do jack. 

Agreed, 100%. We all have those days when we really don’t want to be at the gym, or go running, so we half-ass it. The writer is right, our body knows when we’re not trying, and we don’t get results (or the results we’d like) because of it.

We need to stay fit, even if we don’t look like models in the end. Our bodies were made to move. Stop working out, sequester yourself to that desk and chair day in and day out, and you’ll get a lot older, a lot faster.

We can do this. Happy new year.


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