I’ve said before I’m not a dieter! We are farmers & we live off the land so we eat meat, all kinds, deer, rabbit, frog, beef, chicken, turkey, goose, turtle & fish. We are supporters of PETA “People for Eating Tasty Animals” LOL!  We don’t usually eat anything that’s ‘low-fat or non-fat’ – I’m sure there’s a country song out there about how terribly wrong that would be. LOL!
<“I try to do that health thing like you want me to do, that low-fat, no fat’s gettin’ hard to chew. Now, I love your cookin’, honey, but sometimes, I need some real food.” Work in Progress by: Alan Jackson >
Honestly, our ‘men’ wouldn’t have it any other way than FAT, so low calorie, low or non-fat doesn’t fly in this house. And frankly
I believe that you shouldn’t withhold things from your body, like not eat carbs and not eat sweets. ‘Cause it makes everything just THAT much harder on you and your body. I mean there isn’t a saying ‘fat, dumb and happy’ for no reason! So WHERE or HOW do we start or adapt??

‘Portions’  What a unheard of word in the Mid-west, a land where size matters; i.e. who has the biggest crops, steer, tractor or truck!  ‘Portioning’ means so many things to us, it may mean you are most likely getting a ‘Large portion’ if Grandma is cooking & has anything to say about it… Grandma Bonnie was said to bake pies and cut them in 4 pieces and you just started with seconds.  It may also mean if you’re last to the table when called for a meal your portion is probly going to be small or you’re going to have some ‘slim pickin’s.’

Furthermore I live in the ‘deep fried double starched mid-west’ where Homemade egg noodles go with mashed potatoes and homemade bread or rolls… starch, starch, starch!!! And you can’t serve it ANY other way or you will be the ‘outcast’ & COMPLETELY un-American in every way. LOL!  Don’t get me wrong this was TOTALLY new to me too, like I said before I grew up in a home where my parents dieted quite frequently, double or tripled starch in one meal was a MAJOR SIN! I could feel my artery’s close just looking at it but the taste?!? OH MY GOODNESS! You have no idea what you are missing till your Grandma dollops those homemade mashed taters in a bowl and smothers them in homemade chicken& noodles and hands you a homemade butteredroll and sends you off to the kiddies table to eat… Honestly, I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER in all my life knew food could TASTE that DAM GOOD!  And something else you should know about the mid-west if it can be eaten it must be fried! Everything from mountain oysters to snicker bars, pickles, green beans, frog legs… you just wait till early July when it’s ‘County Fair’ time. Scary, I’m telling you but DELICIOUS! On a level that it just can’t be touched!

Not to mention I’ve spent the last 5 years of my life conditioning my body to eat for 2 – pregnant and breast feeding and it’s hard to break old habits – they die hard or just not at all.  SO WHERE or WHERE to begin?!?!

It’s hard to count calories and write everything down… although my dad swears to it. Says it makes him way more aware of what he’s eating. Which I find true on so many levels but I’m a Mom with 3 kids… so do you count that extra 1 animal cookie that just wouldn’t fit in the snack bowl?! ‘Cause if you’re like me you’re half way to putting the container up before you realize it’s in your mouth and you’re handing it to a fussy baby that’s 5 minutes late to their doc/sitter or whatever appointment.  I mean life is preparing but you can only prepare so much without organizing yourself down to undies and that’s REALLY hard when you are a Mom.

Thus comes the dreaded (dun, dun, dun…) PORTIONING!   I’ve found a couple really good articles on weightloss.about.com that I will link at the bottom.  However, summed up it has some really good ideas like:

Meeting yourself half-way; take what you usually eat and only eat half –I usually try to talk my hubby into splitting a meal with me when we eat out rather than eating whole meal by myself,  or try ordering off the children’s menu or the lunch menu. You could replace chips with carrots, which is equally as crunchy with less calories & finishing it with fruit rather than desert. It has a lot of other helpful links and such about portioning with comparison to normal objects like your hands. Remember, even if you start small – you are making an effort and making the change & don’t forget every once in a while to treat yourself, if you treat yourself you are less likely to indulge all the time on the ‘sinful’ foods.
I also found a site on WebMD that helps you compare your portions to things that you see/use everyday!!  And it shows more than the photo below.

I also found some clever genius has made these little plastic ‘disky thingys’ that help you portion your meals without having to break out the old scale – which is TOTALLY awesome for meal planning and the BUSY Mom. You can find them on Amazon which I will also link! Hooray in celebration, for the random genius, that makes my life easier!!



Set of Hello Kitty Bento Boxes that GM got me in Japan!! YAY!!

Set of Hello Kitty Bento Boxes that GM got me in Japan!! YAY!!


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  1. As I always say… Donuts are the best food. Sugar and fried! But this is soooo true. I have troubles with portioning. Especially when I am cooking for 3 growing kids and the big kid. When there’s those last couple slices of garlic bread, you just can’t let them go to waste! I have been trying to moderate my food a little better than I had been. Instead of a bowl of chips to enjoy the movie, TV, or whatnot, it’s celery or carrots. Not as tasty, but I know it’s better for me. Ad if I want to lose this stubborn belly, I know I gotta change some things. On a happy note, I gave myself less spaghetti than normal last night, ad I couldn’t even finish it! Yay Me!

  2. Michelle S says:

    it’s all about small victories Cassie! I am a late night snacker. Well, I’m a snack-in-front-of-the-TV person. I’ve found that if I brush my teeth and floss BEFORE watching TV, it keeps me from snacking because I don’t want to ruin my fresh breath (and I certainly don’t feel like brushing AGAIN). It has definitely helped cut down on my snacking. I don’t do it every single night, but I try to do it a few times a week. small victories!

  3. […] Reading a comment Michelle made on my post about Portions I was banging around a few thoughts and wasn’t sure how to sum them up. Thanks, Michelle, […]

  4. […] day in and day out, is no good. You have to keep your body guessing, that’s why I say to portion your meals and fluctuate your calories day-to-day.  I usually try to keep my calories between […]

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