My biggest fear with being fit and eating healthy is working myself so hard that I can’t take care of my children and I can’t enjoy being with them especially during snack time.  I’m over weight and I’m okay with that to some degree but I know that life needs to take a different path. I would like to say with that please if you have small children, take it slow the worst thing to me is working so hard that my arms and legs would hurt so bad I couldn’t pick up or hug my own child. Which probly pushes me to be mildly lazy as far as exercising is concerned.
However, I have found that taking it slowly helps in the long run. I’m still able to do all the things I could do before and I do see results in a month to month basis. It’s not going to be 50lbs or anything which I could probly stand to lose but it’s inches, which means progress, which means things are changing.
I started last spring just walking every other day first just a quarter of a mile and by the end of fall I was walking almost 2 miles & started an indoor toning routine on the days I didn’t walk. First it didn’t seem like much but in my mind I had to keep saying to myself, ‘slow and steady wins the race’, like the book I often read to my sons & most importantly ‘EVERYTHING in moderation’. I also made sure that I ate smaller portions and paid more attention to my snacking.

I would not say on any level, have I EVER been a dieter. Actually, it makes me giggle just thinking about it.  I grew up in a house where my parents dieted ALL the time so I refuse to put my children through that. I do however remind myself of moderation. I make sure to eat 3 small meals a day and often a small fruit or veggie snack in between and often try not to go back for seconds. Notice I said ‘Try’ sometimes my cooking is so great that I impress myself and have to try it again just to be sure I’m tasting right. LOL!
Being a parent is hard and the pressures of snacking and meal time are ever present but just remember if nothing else, No one is perfect, everything in moderation and certainly that slow and steady wins the race.


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Life is a Journey, Not a Destination, Wear Comfortable Shoes.

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