Are you on Pintrest yet? I’m on Pintrest and am totally addicted to it.

As of last week, there were only two things that totally irked me about the site. The first was the increasing number of men that are using the site as a place to collect soft porn, and the second was all of the ABSOLUTELY WRONG fitness-related stuff that people are posting.

I’m not referring to the photo I’ve posted here, which came directly from Pintrest. I’m referring to people who are setting unrealistic goals for themselves and hoping to ‘be super skinny’ one day, or bs like that. People who are only eating fruit or drinking juice for 3 weeks and expecting the weight to stay off once they start eating bread again. People who don’t think women with curves are beautiful (as a note: if you happen to feel the same, then we shouldn’t be friends) or healthy. The people who equate skinny with healthy really need to do more research, that’s all I’m saying. There are some people (myself included), whose DNA makeup does not allow or plan for ‘skinny’.

/rant. Sorry.

So in my annoyance at THOSE things, I started reading things like this little photo above. These are ALL OVER Pintrest, and I thought to myself ‘I wonder if they are as BS as wanting to be skinny is’. Well, friends, there is only one way to find out.

This specific photo came to me with ’30 day challenge’ written on it. I love me some 30 day challenges, and this one was the least amount of work (I told you I was lazy) of all of the ones I’ve got saved on my ‘Fitness Ideas’ board.

Therefore, in conjunction with my Couch to 5k trial, I’ll be doing this. Honestly, I’ve got the time. I’m on something of a forced vacation the next 2-3 weeks thanks to all of my classes not starting up until mid-January, so why not use that time to do these things every day? Right?

I’ll keep you posted.


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