Thanks for stopping by and checking us out as we get things underway.

We’ve created this site in order to have a space to share and discuss the different things we’re doing, trying and dealing with on our road to a healthier and fitter life. We’re three friends from high school, now in our early 30’s, whose lives have taken very different paths. We’re scattered across the globe and have very different lives. We thought it would be good to keep all of the things we do collected on one site, and maybe help or inspire some nice strangers along the way.

You can get to know about each of us individually in the ABOUT menu, just choose a name! As the weeks progress we’ll get started with writing posts and discussing hurdles and triumphs. We hope that we can spread the motivation (when we even have it) and the fitness!

If there’s something you, as a reader, have thought of trying but are not sure about, please feel free to message us or comment on a post with a suggestion! I know at least one of us will be willing to try it.

Happy reading!


About germanymarie

I work hard, and I live hard.

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