Sometimes the only thing that gets me out and running is my running clothes


It might sound silly and childish, and I’m 34, for goodness sake, but I really love my running clothes. Especially my t-shirts.

That’s ridiculous, right?

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What do you do when you’ve got to work 23 days out of 25?

My schedule at work the past month has been HECTIC. It’s all my own doing, of course, and it seems like it’s going far beyond my 2016 goal of ‘less work, more money’. In actuality, I AM working less, hours-wise. I’ve just managed to get myself into a situation between 3 jobs (more on that later) where each job required different days of me.

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The best thing to alleviate my back pain? Running.

A lot of people say it, and I want to add that I agree: building muscle and exercise are the things that have most helped me to keep my back pain at bay.

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We all have ‘fat days’.

did this cupcake make me feel like I've gained a bunch of weight? possibly. Or maybe eating 3 of them did.

did this cupcake make me feel like I’ve gained a bunch of weight? possibly. Or maybe eating 3 of them did.

I’ve felt the need to write this for a while now, as it’s been something that has been bothering me lately. I’ve written about Body Dysmorphic Disorder before, but this is not exactly on the same topic.

We all have them: the ‘fat days’. They’re not the days when we are literally larger than normal, but the days when we ‘feel fat’. It doesn’t matter your size or age: if you’re a woman, you probably have them. We have them for so many reasons: we ate too much last night and our stomach hurts today (true story, thanks to Kamay recently sending me a bag of Goldfish that I devoured in 2 days), it’s THAT week in our cycle when we’re retaining water, we went out for a girls’ day and ate 3 cupcakes for breakfast (which were all GD AMAZING, thankyouverymuch), or we haven’t been able to work out in a week or so and are starting to feel it in our midsection, thighs, wherever it is WE feel it.

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I found a new route. But it’s too short. It doesn’t matter right now.

I knew if I kept looking, I’d eventually stumble upon an easier way to get to a further train station than the one we’ve been using. I found it. And last week, I ran it for the first time. And it was great, because I didn’t need to stop at any traffic lights, or wait for trains to pass before I could cross the road.

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When time is of the essence

We write so much about fitness and taking the time to exercise, but that’s easier said than done.

I don’t have kids, but I can imagine that being a parent, whether you’re the full- or part-time caregiver, means you have just about ZERO free time to do things for yourself, and possibly even less personal space.

My issue is a different one. I live in Japan, where you’re seen as a slacker if you work less than 60 hours per week. I work 50, which is manageable, and  I still have enough time off so that I get to brag to all of my students about all of the crazy vacations I take, to places like Australia for 3 weeks or Thailand for 8 days. That might be one of the few perks of this job.

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What I want to wear for yoga vs what I *actually* wear while doing yoga

It was effing freezing in my house this morning, as winter is giving its final assault before the spring officially arrives at the end of the month.

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Finding a new run route is such a huge pain.

IMG_6971I’ve got a very specific and excellent issue at the moment. I’m getting faster when I run. This is great and shows progress, and I’m really excited about it, but it’s led me to an issue: I need to change my run route.

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out for walks and runs

I’ve said more than once that any physical activity outside of what you normally do each day counts as exercise, and now that the weather is getting better, I’ve been out walking a lot more.

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the new morning routine I’m trying

As I mentioned at the end of last month, I wasn’t able to do the exercise I’d wanted to do in the mornings, because I don’t have an available wall to use in my guest bedroom. So I wanted to find another one I could do, and found this at-home six-pack abs workout from Fit Mommy Diaries. Clearly I’m not a mom, but it’s a nice abs circuit I can do in the morning.

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