Slow and Steady wins the race ;)
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To supplement or not to supplement…

… that is the question.


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This incognito needs to GO GO!!

October….. it’s January… where on earth has time gone??
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Doing what you love…

… even if NO ONE understands.

Often time I get asked, ‘why don’t you do anything with your hair’ ; ‘why don’t you get highlights’ or they say ‘I liked it better when it was shorter’ ; ‘I liked it better longer why did you cut it’.

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I’ve decided my hair looks infinitely better after running and showering at the Run Cube.

Not to be all *I look awesome right now*, but I’ve decided that there has to be something in the water, or hair products, at Run Cube that make my hair always look GD awesome after a run and shower. I really don’t want to think about the fact that it may be related to whale parts, which apparently make it into cosmetics over here. I really need to learn to read.

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Run #2, Run point #2: Run Pit

Hello! I’m back to talk about running and another run spot:)

As it turns out, the past few weeks have been great for having that ONE day each week when no one wants to come in for a lesson. I’ve gotten really lucky that I’ve been able to block off 2 days in 2 consecutive weeks. This almost never happens!

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First day back to running, and a trial of Run Cube’s facilities

I went running!

Granted, I tried to go running in the spring once or twice, in my neighbourhood, which proved to be a REALLY dangerous idea since I wear headphones and blast music, and the streets are narrow enough to get hit if I’m not all the way to the side. And then summer happened, and my schedule at work was rough, and that idea was quashed.

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the best way to get psyched about being able to run again? Buy new running clothes!

So, I’m finally back to feeling better, and I’m sure it’s due in no small part to the facts that:
a- it’s November, so it’s cooler
b- it’s November, and almost my birthday
c- I’ve been in something like recovery since we got here, and now I feel like I can run again!

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I was right: workers speak English at the run spots!

hi guys!

Following my last post, I closed out a few lessons on a slow day and took a walk over to check out Run Pit and Run Cube in more detail.

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Imperial research: trying to find a place to take a shower

hi again!

As I said in a previous post, I’m working on finding a place near my work where I can ditch my clothes, run and then shower AFTER the run. This is a really popular thing to do in Tokyo, and there are multiple locations situated at different points around the Imperial Palace.

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