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How to Feel Thinner in 30 Minutes

Jun 16, 2017

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Using some tools to hold myself accountable

While we were on vacation with my in-laws last month, we walked. A LOT. We went everywhere, we did everything, and we ate ALL THE FOOD. That’s what vacation’s for, right?

So during that time, my sister-in-law was using a steps tracker to see how far we’d walked. It wasn’t anything much, just a little app that’s free on the Apple Store, but it worked really well.

There was one day when she tracked us at over 26,000 steps. That was our high point. This led us to talk about the daily recommended 10,000 steps per day, and whether that was easy or hard to reach. In my mind, I thought it was easy, since my doctor recently told me that I have to get up and walk every 90 minutes. I should be getting 10,000 in, right?

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Symptoms that I never noticed or paid attention to, until recently

I say it all the time: We are our own worst critics.

I’m just like everyone else, I think, in that I have days when I feel like I’ve gained a bunch of weight, days when I’m really low energy, and days when all I really, really want to do is eat an entire box of Cheez-Its. I’m pretty sure all of that happens to everyone, once in a while.

My issue, of course, is that I have to pay attention to my body more than others. My body makes things very clear, very often, when I think I can do too much. And I have to make sure not to overwork myself or push myself too far, or I’ll trigger a relapse.

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You guys. My body is REJECTING Cheez-Its.

The unthinkable is happening.

From Germanihon-Marie, with love

I don’t know what the fuck is happening. I just can’t imagine THIS is happening.

When my friend Camilla came to visit me in April, she brought me two family-size boxes of my favorite Cheez-it flavor: regular. NOTHING HAS CHANGED since I finished off the last box, except that I may have started eating less junk food in general.

But that’s nothing much, really. It happens. I go crazy and only eat tofu and Japanese pickled vegetables for like a week, and then I start bleeding and eat everything in sight. It’s the cycle.

But maybe I waited too long to open the next box, and now the beautiful, delicious American junk food is wreaking havoc on my stomach.

I’ve done the same thing a few nights in a row: eat healthy all day, then as we’re settling in for the night, have some Cheez-its while we watch something. And without…

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As it turns out, no. No, I couldn’t. But that’s not going to stop me.

Look, we knew this was going to happen.

There’s no such thing as being able to be 100% of anything.

I wrote that my weekend was going to be hard, as I’d have to get up and out much earlier than normal. And that appears to be my personal issue. I just can’t bring myself to go home after doing things all day and do a workout, or yoga, or whatever. And I can’t get out of bed early enough to do them before leaving.

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30 Days of Yoga: Can I do it?

Actually, I think I can!

I’m trying to do 30 days straight of yoga at the moment because I’ve been really lax and lazy on those back stretches that my Orthopedist told me I should do, and now my back pain is coming back.

There’s this idea that if you do something for like 21 days in a row, it will become a habit. And that’s what I want. I know that I might not be able to keep it up during the colder winter months when I don’t want to leave bed, but I think that at that point, I might be able to convince myself to get up and go running, instead, if getting out of bed early does in fact turn into a habit for me. I want to run now, but I’m doing baby steps.

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Drinking Vinegar

I’ve been learning a lot from my students regarding Japanese health practices, and one of the things that keeps coming up in conversation is this idea of ‘drinking vinegar’. Not just the actual action, but the ‘vinegar that is flavored for drinking’. Maybe people don’t drink normal white vinegar for fun.

Of course, we have a similar idea in the states, which often shows up in the form of pins on Pinterest from people planning to drink Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (left).

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TMI warning: fighting flatulence

From Germanihon-Marie, with love

I’m lactose-intolerant. I  know this, my readers know this, and my husband DEFINITELY knows this. And lately (last year, all years since we moved here) I’ve really let myself go in terms of foods I should be avoiding but don’t because they taste good.

I’ll usually allow myself to have pizza. I prefer to never be without it. But I should really only be eating the Grana Padano or Parmesan pizza, rather than the Quattro Formaggi ones. Because I know better. I DO. But sometimes it just can’t be helped.

This year, I need to get my shit together and stop having embarrassing situations where I ate something that had milk powder in it, passed gas and then quickly ran out of the room/space before people figured out who did it.

I had a really, really SEVERELY embarrassing situation last year that included my mother- and sister-in-law in a shoe…

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the Goldilocks top

I was having an issue in the past few weeks: it was too cold to run in a short-sleeved shirt, but too warm to run in a hoodie or long-sleeved zip-up. If I were in Germany, it would be easy: it would be cold enough for the hoodies. But here in Japan, it’s really only ever around 0-5 (42 – 50 degrees) in the winter, so I was having a bit of a conundrum.

We’ve been trying to save money, so I didn’t really want to go shopping to buy another piece of fitness equipment.

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Things I’ve learned about food while in Japan

From Germanihon-Marie, with love

There are things you don’t think about when you move away. When you leave the country. I tell my students this all the time: we all have an idea in our heads of how the next place will be, of what life will be like in that new place.

It is hardly ever what we imagine or expect. Sure, the things we pictured might be there, but there are so many other, tiny things that you might not notice as a tourist. The things you don’t know until you live there.

When I moved to Germany, I knew there would be sausage. That was obvious. What I didn’t expect was the ‘American Shelf’ in the grocery store which only had Kraft’s Mac ‘n Cheese, Marshmallow Fluff, and Strawberry Pop Tarts. I wasn’t expecting Mexican things like tortillas or salsa to be expensive. Or hard to find. Or to be land-locked (which…

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