I managed to climb a mountain yesterday…

Hello, dear readers:)

We’ve all been really, really MIA for a long time. There is no excuse, except for life. For my part, I was without a computer of my own from February until last week, and not actually doing anything fitness-related, aside from walking to and from my job.

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Spring is here… maybe?!

DSC_2404 Spring has come and gone for the past few weeks, we have several days of nice weather and then snow again. March is really coming in like a lion… prayerfully it will go out like a lamb because really I’m over the cold, I’m ready for spring.
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I’m Still Alive :)

Sorry it seems we have all been MIA recently.  We have all had so much going on in our lives.  I had two very major things happen that all happened in the same week.

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I PROMISE, we are all still alive!

Here’s your update from me! And I have actually been in contact with Kamay, Michelle and Stephanie, so I can assure you that they are also alive and well. I can DEFINITELY vouch for the alive part, at least!

To tell you about the last 5 months would take a very long time, so if it’s ok, I’ll just give you the abridged version? The Cliff’s Notes, if you will?

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Lysine… What? & Why??

kid picThe biggest problem I face with coming indoors to exercise in the winter is Fever Blisters/Cold Sores.  I’ve been prone to them my entire life. Every year I had school pictures taken in elementary school, I had one, I hated it, as you can imagine the taunting children picking on me because my lip was the ONLY thing you could see, at least that’s how I felt anyway.
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In Short…

DSC_8036… the first week of Body Rock killed me… seriously, it was AWESOME!! I can feel the tone in my muscles already which by the way is AWESOME!!

BUT! What is NOT awesome is Sunday morning I woke up feeling rather under the weather and I’ve been fighting it for days… it’s now Thursday, I have managed to do most of my Body Rock stuff in the last 5 days but I’m not going to lie I’ve taken it rather easy as I’ve been struggling with some chest congestion.  I always do this to myself, especially this time of year – spread myself to very thin and then my body breaks down and screams ‘WHY!?’ at me every time I breathe in and out.  Seriously it sounds like that when I breath… LOL!  << it is really not that funny but I’m a Mom and life goes on so, lemon tea, honey & ViCs vapor rub to the rescue.   “Suck it up Buttercup”!
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First day back to yoga, and it was terrible

Hello readers, happy almost-weekend!

still from my yoga video for today

still from my yoga video for today

Today was my first day back to yoga. As I stated in my last post, my plan was to get back to activity in general with walking and yoga. For the entire first week, I only walked. I walked every day, about 6k average, and it tired me out. While my boyfriend states that I’m definitely getting faster and walking smoother, I don’t feel SO amazing yet.

I decided to slow the walking to every other day and to try to get the yoga into the routine. It turns out that might not be the best idea: as I don’t have a yoga mat or my gloves, today was a disaster on multiple levels.

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“It’s Harvest Time”

DSC_7254 (2)

“There’s soy bean dust and corn husks driftin’ through the air tonight
The  marchin’ band’s warmin’ up under the football lights
There’s tractor-trailers  backed up down by the elevator
Train track grain car will roll in later
Get filled up and head on out in the world
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New fitness trial: starting from my own version of ‘scratch’

Happy October, readers! I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting back into fall and school and whatever else comes around, like pumpkin-flavored everything. I’m happy to report that England, unlike Germany, understands the importance of pumpkin puree and this year will be the first year I make a pumpkin pie from canned ingredients! I know this should technically be a step down, but I really don’t enjoy the work involved with murdering pumpkins…

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The reason I might NEVER do anything P90X related

I was on a treadmill for the first time in a WHILE over the summer, and there was a TV attached to it. It was on, but as I was still new to the entire system, I was unaware of HOW to change the channel.

The channel it was stuck on was either infomercials or a fitness channel with nothing scheduled, because all I had for 30 minutes was a repeating INSANITY commercial.

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