Adult workouts: ditch the car

Hello readers:)

As you may know, I live in Tokyo now, and that means we don’t have a car! In a city like this, there’s no need for one because of the excellent public transportation, and to be honest, there aren’t many inexpensive places to park the things. Not to mention, the streets in neighborhoods are relatively narrow and I’ve never been good in cars in tight spaces.

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Imperial Running

imperial-palace--tokyo--japanI’ve been doing a lot of research on this one, because it was something I’d wanted to do when I first started my job. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used to work a ridiculous split schedule: 7am-12pm/5pm-10pm. I did this because these are ‘peak times’ at my office, which is located in the heart of the business district in Tokyo, and the afternoons were pretty dead. As we were just starting out in Tokyo and trying to save money, I wasn’t going to go home and sleep during that break, because
a- I can’t sleep in daylight and
b- it was expensive to go between home and the office TWICE each day.
So for the first two months, I spent my time in the afternoons at the closest Starbucks, drinking matcha lattes and using all of their interwebs.

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Balance has to be earned: Day 1 back at Yoga

This morning, I got back to yoga. It went WAY better than the last time I tried it, in December or November (I can’t remember when that was).

I have this terrible habit of not sleeping enough, or waking up too early, I’m not sure. I know I must have fallen asleep around 1 last night, but as normal, I was up at 7. I woke up naturally, so I won’t complain, but sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who sleeps for a long time and enjoys it. Instead, I toss and turn, trying to ‘enjoy’ being in bed and not having to get up, to no avail. There are things to do! I guess this makes me a morning person, as long as there’s no alarm involved.

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scheduling fitness BACK into my life

This morning, I did NOT wake up and do yoga as planned, although I was technically up early enough. The reason? I had to make lunches for the next week of work, because I didn’t do it last night, when I was off.

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Re-learning how to dress myself, coming to terms with a new ‘normal’

As I mentioned in my previous post, I lost a lot of weight over the past year. This has led me to be confused about how to dress myself, since my curves are mostly gone and I’m used to buying clothes for a curvy figure. I’m not a rail, but my hips and waist are a lot closer in size than they used to be.

I’m also coming off of living in Baltimore, when certain aspects of my appearance (like a round, large ass) would often be commented on by strangers. Loudly. Here in Japan, my ass MAY eventually come into contact with the hand of a train groper. It hasn’t yet. I’m waiting for it, though.

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I lost weight, and was really afraid to write about it

Hello readers!

I may just be ‘back for good’, now, finally! I’ve managed to organize my schedule to maximize the amount of time I have off, am all but quitting teaching online AFTER work (because 10 hours teaching at my office wasn’t enough for me!), and will now have THREE WHOLE NIGHTS OFF to do things that I want to do, or to just relax!

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Well… we go from ‘I’m still Alive‘  to ‘Spring is Here… Maybe ?!?‘ to its into FALL and I’ve FALLen completely off the earth… Well not literally but to everyone it almost seems that way.
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I managed to climb a mountain yesterday…

Hello, dear readers:)

We’ve all been really, really MIA for a long time. There is no excuse, except for life. For my part, I was without a computer of my own from February until last week, and not actually doing anything fitness-related, aside from walking to and from my job.

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Spring is here… maybe?!

DSC_2404 Spring has come and gone for the past few weeks, we have several days of nice weather and then snow again. March is really coming in like a lion… prayerfully it will go out like a lamb because really I’m over the cold, I’m ready for spring.
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I’m Still Alive :)

Sorry it seems we have all been MIA recently.  We have all had so much going on in our lives.  I had two very major things happen that all happened in the same week.

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